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Introducing the Next Gen First Aid Kit®

    • Makes traditional first aid kits obsolete

    • Includes revolutionary, new to the market, FDA cleared GluStitch® Skin Glue

      • Reduces pain from small cuts, scrapes or burns - doesn’t burn
      • Protects from infection


      • Stops bleeding, including bloody noses

      • Makes cleaning of wounds easy and painless

      • Eliminates need for bandages

        First aid kits with traditional bandages, antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointments have been around for decades and are outdated. 

        For small cuts, scrapes or burns, bandages don’t keep out bacteria, they fall off when wet, hurt when you pull them off, leave glue residue and do nothing for pain. 

        There are some products that attempt to act as a pain reliever and liquid bandage, but they don’t work very well.

      Next Gen First Aid Kit® includes everything you need to deal with small injuries and it eliminates pain!

      The key ingredient is an FDA approved medical grade skin glue.  This glue, when applied to small cuts, scrapes and burns, provides a protective barrier against bacteria to reduce or eliminate infection.

      It doesn’t hurt when applied and it reduces or eliminates pain!

      No need to cover the injury with a bandage. Dries in 30 seconds and is barely noticeable.  Included in the kit is a roll of flex tape for covering cuts, scrapes and burns if you feel that additional protection is needed.

      This “skin glue” product has been used in the medical profession for years for “fixing” small cuts that normally require stitches. We are introducing it to the consumer market for the first time and are confident that once you try it, you will never want to be without it. You will want one for your car, boat and workplace.

      In an emergency, when medical care isn’t immediately available, this product can be used on small cuts that would normally require stitches.

      Kit Includes

      • 1ea         FDA cleared GluStitch® Twist tissue adhesive
      • 1ea         Uncle Bill’s Silver Gripper tweezers & needle for removing splinters
      • 8ea         Sterile gauze pads 3”X3” for cleaning wounds
      • 2ea         Celox Hemostatic Agent for stopping bleeding
      • 2ea         Celox Nose Multi-Purpose bleed stop – stops nose bleeds
      • 5ea         SALJET 30ml Wound Cleanser for cleaning wounds
      • 1ea         Roll CoFlex foam bandage for covering wounds
      • 1pk         Strip wound closures
      • 2ea         Burn Jel External Analgesic for burns and insect bites
      • 1ea         Home or outdoor waterproof case (specify which one you would like)
      • 1ea         Complete instructions

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