Our Story

Like many entrepreneurs, our business started when we experienced a problem, and a painful one at that.

As we aged, our heels and toes developed painful cracks during the summer when we wore sandals. Talking to our friends and family, we learned this is a common problem.

We tried all the different solutions we could find and couldn’t find anything that worked. Having the podiatrist “strap” our feet was an option, but it was expensive and time consuming. It also did nothing for our pain.

In California, foot salons can’t legally deal with cracks on your feet, or remove calluses, so they weren’t an option.

We learned everything we could about how to get our feet to heal, prevent new cracks from forming and keep our feet soft and smooth.

Previously we had learned about using medical grade skin glue instead of sutures and decided to try it on the cracks in our feet. We were shocked when it stopped the pain and allowed the cracks to heal.

This discovery resulted in our decision to market the amazing discovery we had made.

We were on a mission to find a skin glue that was affordable, could be used by consumers and was multi-use. GluStitch meets these requirements. It is FDA-cleared for use in the medical field and was recently approved for over-the-counter sales. We applied for and became a distributor for GluStitch so we could buy at a low cost and pass the savings on to you. While any FDA-cleared skin glue is expensive, because GluStitch is a multi-use product, the cost per use is still affordable.

Using GluStitch as the main component, we wanted to create a complete foot care kit that included everything needed to stop pain and get your feet in good condition. We experimented with different callus removers, foot creams, Epsom salts, and weren’t happy with the products on the market so we developed our own.

We call our kit the Next Gen Foot Care Kit, as it is literally the next generation in foot care and produces incredible results.

During our market research, we found that people loved the kit and were very happy that they could instantly end their foot pain and get their feet in good condition, as well as prevent further cracking. We were also excited to find that GluStitch did not burn when applied and reduced or eliminated the pain.

Because of the incredible benefits of using GluSitch on small cuts, scrapes and burns, and the added benefit of preventing infection, we decided to offer a first aid kit as well - one that includes several other products not commonly known.

And our Next Gen First Aid Kit was born. We feel that once people understand what’s in our first aid kit and how the items are used, everyone will want to have one in their home and car.

Because of the amazing benefits of GluStitch, we also make it readily available to the medical community.

We truly hope our discoveries and products will help you and give you a better quality of life. Making a positive difference in the lives we touch is and has been an important part of who we are.

Thank you for learning about us.

 Scott & Kerry

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